Sisters of Lost Alchemy

Enchantresses of the Soul

“SOUND is the guru that can bring us from darkness to light, and start one who is searching on the path to a spiritual awakening.”
– S.O.L.A.

Ajeet Japa Kaur, Satya Dayal Kaur and Seema Kiret Kaur are “Sisters of Lost Alchemy”. These blessed and gifted women have connected their lifelong practices, techniques, and instruments to awaken chakras, open hearts, and release what no longer serves the spirit. Their playing of sound bowls, gongs, and bells is unlike any “sound bath” you may have experienced.

The listener’s time, space and perception alters as S.O.L.A manipulate the sound current, moving energy, and lifting the life frequencies through and far beyond the boundaries of the physical body. Together they raise the vibration of the subtle body, releasing the negative blocks and associated traumas trapped in the aura.

Dedicated practitioners of Kundalini Yoga (Yogi Bhajan), these “enchantresses of the soul” invite you to open yourself to a unique experience, to enter a nurturing environment, to choose light, and to walk with them on a path towards true spiritual awakening.

Sat Nam

About the Sisters

Ajeet Japa Kaur: An audio psychic since childhood, she is a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and is devoted to “waking” the spirit of the listener to the realization of being “one with the universal energy.” Her devotion to sound healing has cleared and furthered her psychic connection.

Satya Dayal Kaur: Her life-long extrasensory perceptions have led to decades of study on various energetic modalities, teachings and self-exploration. She uses Kundalini, crystals, nature and most importantly sound frequency to facilitate the listeners reconnection to the divine.

Seema Kiret Kaur: Blessed with the gift of clairsentience, Seema uses this depth of understanding to enhance her sessions with crystal singing bowls. Through dedicated practice and meditation, she has developed a technique of playing that is an art form unto itself; creating deeper meditative states and energetic upgrades.


“The beautiful sound current that Sisters of Lost Alchemy creates through their bowls and Ocean Drums is truly magical. With the soft lighting and angelic tones, one is transported to a mystical etheric world. We are very blessed to be in the presence of these goddesses!”
– Tej Kaur Khalsa, Internationally recognized Kundalini yoga teacher and custodian of the archives of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan

“Sisters of lost Alchemy came into our office and performed a sound bath on the crew and myself. It was amazing! You could feel the sound resonate through your body. It left me feeling re-energized and relaxed at the same time. I had never done a sound bath before but I would definitely try it again. The Sisters are phenomenal.”
– William Cabrera, CFO , Producer, Olio Creative

“It was a meditative experience and it allowed me to feel connected to my immediate surroundings and people as well as the universe as a whole. Everyone was open and kind which made for a very healing session!”
– Janice H., Anesthesiologist, Los Angeles

“It’s an incredible feeling of magical sounds that help tune out your own thoughts and it puts you in a trance like an air massage. Sisters of Lost Alchemy have a spiritual connection and it comes out in their performance.”
– Lorena P, Stylist, Los Angeles

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